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About Z&B, LLP

Z&B, LLP was founded in August of 2021 by Isaac Zipp and Melodie Barger. Both Melodie and Isaac had spent the majority of their careers with a couple of large local CPA firms. As the public accounting industry continued to evolve, they saw an opportunity for smaller CPA firm which could focus on quality over quantity. By being selective in the people we choose to work with, the clients we choose to serve, and the services we choose to offer, Z&B is able to provide the best possible work experience for its employees, and high quality, timely service for our clients.


Meet the Partners of Z&B


Isaac Zipp

Isaac started his career in public accounting in 2005. Since then, he has worked with small businesses and their owners in a variety of industries, with a focus in the Real Estate and Construction industries. He earned his Master’s in Taxation in 2014 and has continued to increase his knowledge base every year since.

Isaac's approach with his clients is to use all of his knowledge and experience to help develop the best strategies to assist clients in achieving their professional and financial goals. Isaac believes in always doing what is best for the client. If there are other service providers that can help put the client in a position to succeed, he will not hesitate to get them involved.

While many people strive for work life balance, Isaac believes in work life integration. Building long-term relationships with clients, coworkers, and other service providers makes the day-to-day life of an accountant a lot more fun. Outside of work-related activities, Isaac enjoys spending time with his two beautiful daughters Peyton-Sue and Malee.

Melodie Barger

Melodie started her career in 2011 at a larger Sacramento-based firm while attending CSU Sacramento. Her experience at that firm was broad and well-rounded and she thrived on both the audit and tax side, serving a wide variety of industries. Her experience on the attest side gave her an understanding of what clients’ needs are for their financial statements for external parties, but her focus is on working with clients on their tax-related needs.  


In the recent years Melodie has been heavily focused on real estate syndication groups and contractors, which both touch on some of the more difficult, specialized areas of tax law.  She earned her Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University, which accelerated her understanding of the inner workings of the complex tax law and expedited her career growth.


Internally at Z&B, Melodie leads frequent training and development programs for our employees. She aims to make sure we’re doing everything in our power at Z&B to help our employees reach their goals and maximize their professional potential. Melodie is always focused on continuous improvement for the firm, our people, and herself.  When Melodie isn’t making sure Z&B is clicking on all cylinders, she is at home raising two handsome young men Lincoln and Luke.

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