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Join the Z&B Team

Our mission is to provide an environment where employees and clients can get specialized attention to help them reach their short term and long-term goals. We believe that each employee and each client have different motivations and expectations. Our goal is to know and understand everyone we work with so that we can tailor our approach and generate the most positive experience possible.

We pay attention, we listen, and we take action.


When you're at Z&B, here's what you can expect

Doing what’s best for our employees is what’s best for Z&B. At Z&B, we believe that we have a unique opportunity in public accounting to actually fit the cliche “work hard, play hard.” This is supposed to be a cyclical business - we work hard during tax season and we should be able to enjoy a lot of flexibility and freedom to do as we please the rest of the year. We are committed to maintaining adequate staffing, focusing on strategic and sustainable growth of the firm, and making sure we are always putting our people in a position to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.  

Both partners are involved parents with full lives outside of the office. We have experienced first-hand the demands and pressure of wanting to excel in your career while still having a life and commitments outside of work, and it is our goal to make both things possible at this firm.

We place a high emphasis in these areas:


Training and Development:

As an employee of Z&B, the majority of your work and training will come directly from the partners; you will learn the ins and outs directly from the source. In addition to thorough on-the-job training and feedback, we provide frequent detailed and interactive in-house training on the topics our employees need to learn to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ industries and the related tax/accounting concepts. We are strong believers in passing our knowledge along – our employees’ success is our success!


Work Ethic and Accountability:

We provide a generously flexible working environment, but with that freedom comes responsibility. We highly value self-motived individuals who will get the job done when needed, without being micromanaged. The partners don’t enjoy being put in a box, and we believe our employees deserve that same luxury.



Z&B is a place where dynamic people who are self-motivated and communicate well will thrive. This type of work does require that we sit and work by ourselves a bit to get through compliance work. That being said, we are people people! We enjoy taking time out of our day to socialize, we work through difficult projects together, we give and take feedback to achieve continuous growth. Nobody at Z&B is on an island – we’re all in this together.

...and a whole lot of benefits

  • Tax Season - 50 Billable Hour Week Average

  • Off Season - 40 Hours Per Week with Paid Downtime

  • 5 Weeks of PTO

  • Hybrid Remote/Office Work Schedule

  • Flexible Daily Work Hours

  • Up-to-Date Technology & Equipment

  • Fully Paperless Environment

  • No Dress Code when Clients aren’t present

  • Competitive Compensation Package

Ready to join our team? Contact us today!

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