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Our Services

We are committed to maintaining proactive, specialized service for our clients. We strive to be experts in our specialties, and we believe in staying in our lane. Z&B, LLP clients have access to a vast network of trusted referral resources for specialties outside of the areas where we feel we like we are truly experts.  Some examples include but not limited audit/attest services, human resources, tax credits and incentives, wealth management, full-service IT, payroll, outsourced accounting, and employee benefit plans.


Income Tax Preparation

Z&B, LLP has comprehensive experience in preparation of income tax returns for both businesses and their owners. Both partners have a Masters in Taxation and keep up-to-date with the everchanging tax laws. In connection with the advanced planning throughout the year, we strive to put our clients in the best position possible prior to year-end, so there are no surprises during tax preparation time.


Tax Planning

Tax planning includes a periodic review of your financial situation throughout the year, as needed, to develop the best tax strategies to suit your short and long-term goals. This can also include entity structuring, partnership agreement review, and analysis of unique transactions.    


Succession Planning and M&A

We have extensive experience with businesses in transition, and businesses that are looking to start the succession planning process. Every business situation is unique, and there are many models available.  We will gain an in depth understanding of your business and your goals so that we can help you develop the best plan for your situation and see to it that the plan is executed correctly.


Real Estate Partnerships

We have an in-depth understanding of the IRS’s regulations that apply to partnerships, and use that knowledge to help advise clients on various real estate projects, including, but not limited to, syndication issues and opportunities, 1031 exchanges, opportunity zone funds, tenants in common arrangements, liquidation events, etc.  Whatever your need is with a transaction, we can help you get there in the most tax-efficient way.



From and accounting and tax standpoint, construction is very specialized and has a complex set of rules. The Z&B team has spent a significant amount of their careers working with contractors. We are here to help in the development of WIP schedules, review tax accounting methods, and make any necessary changes to be most tax-efficient. We also have in depth experience helping to develop succession plans for owners wanting to retire, and consulting with business owners through the process of a third-party sale.

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